Market Skills

We take control to help you achieve a world class  technology platform.

We excel in turnaround situations with aggressive timelines and challenging  opportunities. This is achieved through strong thought leadership, together  with structured strategy definition and execution.

A strong vision of business goals, linked to a cohesive technical strategy,  is one of our key strengths in an uncertain and unclear  environment.

Ian drove an International business expansion  across Europe, Asia and the Americas, to improve control and command. This  supported a direct revenue growth in excess of $1 billion.

The key business targets, for the International business platform, were to  implement an effective resource capability, drive revenue growth forwards along  with improved control and command. This platform covered core banking,  multi-currency loans, regulatory reporting and payments.

End-to-end leadership included examining opportunities for value and growth,  aligning technology to meet both short and long-term goals, as well as evolving  a strong direction for the new International business platform.

Ian’s proven ability enables him to leverage technologies, deliver  value and maximise business strategies that enable your organisation to achieve  its goals.


As a leader of change and a driver of innovation,  we enable your organisation to embrace leading edge technology in order to  exceed customer expectations and accelerate business growth.

We achieve this with thorough analytical research of leading edge technology  and market trends, supported by strong cross discipline knowledge and business  exposure. We build strong teams with trusted relationships and a clear vision to  develop service differentiation, supporting flexibility and agility for rapid  business change.

Ian’s visionary leadership sought products and  services that enhanced the organisation’s efficiency, innovation and  productivity within a fast changing market place.

This was evident in the successful implementation of a new Structured  Products pitch calculation that successfully reduced the run time for complex  pricing calculations by 90%.

Ian’s visionary leadership encourages preparation for the unknown and  repositioning of the business, enabling a strengthened market position to  deliver accelerated market growth.


With our decisive leadership, solid communication  skills and driven approach, our proven commitment inspires individuals to  embrace change and achieve business success.

Our effective decisions and strong man management skills encourage clear  roles and responsibilities, giving rise to an effective team who exceed set  goals and objectives.

Ian founded a first-class technology team to  support accelerated business growth into new European markets.

An initial skills gap analysis brought high calibre talent into the  organisation. The team was then developed with effective training, talent  management and succession planning. Ian’s inspiration and encouragement  developed a consistent and contented team of high achievers.

Ian’s highly effective, approachable and driven personality encouraged the  team to be performance aware and goal centric.  The energy of the new  team coupled with Ian’s strength of management, resulted in a 100% revenue  increase year-on-year.

Ian inspires, challenges and leads decisively by building a highly  effective and efficient team, to drive value and deliver results.


With extensive technical knowledge and exposure,  we identify key technological capabilities to achieve sustained operational  performance.

This is supported with efficient processes, controls and techniques to  improve productivity and reduce overall enterprise costs.

Ian established a new European control and  command framework to support a financial Risk Management application.  This  not only realised significant capital savings but also increased the speed of  calculation by 50%.

His specialist skills to develop a robust approach realised waste elimination  along with a lean and streamlined system for managing the organisation’s  exposure to risk.

As a successful leader, Ian’s constant commitment to technological  advancements ensures that he is not only aware, but also professionally skilled,  to introduce the right solution for operational excellence.


We push performance boundaries leveraging state of  the art technology and innovation. This is supported with our solid  financial knowledge and effective expertise. Our strengths help you expand into  new markets and geographies, cultivating new revenue streams.

Ian led a team that delivered best of breed  services and pushed performance boundaries, enabling significant cost  efficiencies of 30%.

The team achieved this by developing leading-edge technology and business  processes to support the introduction of new financial products into the  marketplace.

Ian and his team received the Thomson Keene award for ‘BEST TRADING  TECHNOLOGY’ in 2008, beating 30 top financial institutions.