Key Priorities For The CIO Of Tomorrow (Part 1)

Consumers are driving the digital economy and mobile revolution, requiring a new level of customer experience and service.

At the same time, the current low interest rate and low margin environment is stagnating growth requiring organisations to aggressively look at new ways to increase their top line revenue growth and bottom line earnings.

In a recent report from Gartner, the top business priorities for 2013 were identified as :

1. Increasing Enterprise Growth
2. Delivering Operational Results
3. Reducing Enterprise Costs

In this first of a series of key skills for today’s CIOs, we discuss Increasing Enterprise Growth.

1. Increasing Enterprise Growth – Next Generation Remote Banking Solutions

In an environment where revenue growth continues to be sluggish, clients are demanding innovative products and greater service. Customers have now come to expect a digital approach to conducting business that is online, mobile, social and real time.

Banks have to respond by focusing on Next Generation Remote Banking Solutions to drive new forms of customer engagement and experience, such as personal finance management and self service capabilities. These new innovative services will deliver increased customer confidence and loyalty while at the same time accelerating the reach and market penetration of new digital banking services.

Furthermore, the next generation of Remote Banking Solutions will offer increased operational efficiencies and effectiveness. From new forms of client engagement, such as new self service channels, through to streamlining the user’s cross channel digital experience, reducing operational costs and driving bottom line earnings.

Only by developing the next generation of Remote Banking Solutions, to drive customer engagement, customer experience and financial efficiency, can banks truly deliver new forms of enterprise growth.

In the next blog, I will discuss #2 – Delivering Operational Results.

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